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Convert video tapes to DVD  

Put your slides and old photos on files


Convert your video tapes to DVD .


Up to 2 hours  -   45.- NIS.
up to 3 hours  -    65.- NIS.
Each price is for recording from ONE  video tape.

In case of 3 HR tape, it will be divided to 2 parts ( 2 DVD ) and the price of the second part will be only half ( 2 DVD together 103.- sheqel ) in order to preserve quality.
Additional parts  on the same  DVD -  20.- sheqel each part.

copy of the same DVD only   10.- NIS


שמיר ,  המרות וידאו וקול ל DVD, CD, MP3 
Shamir, Converting Video, 8mm, Audio to DVD, CD, MP3
  Lilenblum St. 18  Tel Aviv

Call us for any question.  03-5177534   ,0507-414462


We convert video tapes
to DVD or AVI files.

We transfer 8mm movies,
super8 and 16 mm movies to DVD or AVI .

Convert old vinyl records,
audio , and reel-to-reel
tapes to CD or WAV or MP3.

Old slides , photos and negatives will transfer to  JPG .

We transfer BETACAM,

Converting NTSC to PAL,
Secam to PAL .

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